Python tkinter

Show one blank window.
import tkinter as tk
my_window = tk.Tk()
my_window.geometry("500x500")  # Size of the window 
my_window.title("")  # Adding a title
my_window.mainloop()  # Keep the window open
To above code we will add different components.
ButtonAdd button with click events and style
EntryAdd Text box , Single line text entry
gridAdd grid for layout management
frameGroup widgats and add separator to window
packPack for layout management
LabelAdd Lable and change text & other attributes
TextAdd Text box , Multi line text entry
CheckbuttonRead data and manage (set or get) of a checkbutton
RadiobuttonRead data and manage (set or get) of a Radio button
ListboxRead selection , add elements to a listbox
MessageBoxShow Message box and take user choice
OptionMenuDrop down box to select one of many options
ScaleUse slider to fix value
CanvasDraw Line, Arc, Oval, Polygon ,rectangle etc
StringVartk.StringVar() and trace with callback functions
ToplevelDisplay pop-up or child window from Parent


We can connect to MySQL database from Python and manage the data. Tkinter adds the GUI capability to this data handing capacity. We will learn about adding data, displaying, updating etc by using standard SQL.
Python to MySQL connection and handling data
MySQLDisplaying records from MySQL database in Tkinter window
PagingPagination of records of MySQL table using Tkinter window
record displayDisplaying record in a Tkinter window by taking user input as row id
record addAdding user entered data through Tkinter window to MySQL table
ExerciseExercise on Tkinter and Managing MySQL database


SQLite is a file based database with full functional capacity like any other Relational Database. Portability is the main advantage of SQLite database. Using sqlite3 library we can manage SQLite database by using Standard Query languages. By using Tkinter we can add GUI capability to manage SQLite database from Python.
Python to SQLite connection and handling data
DisplayDisplay records from SQLite table in Tkinter window
DisplayPaging : Breaking of number of records to pages
DeleteDelete record on button click and after user confirmation
record displayReturn details of the record by entering row ID
record addInsert user entered data through Tkinter window to SQLite table
OptionMenuUnique data from SQLite as OptionMenu list
Two OptionMenusTwo dependant OptionMenus ( Category and subcategory)
Projects using Tkinter

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