Python tkinter

Show one blank window.
import tkinter as tk
my_window = tk.Tk()
my_window.geometry("500x500")  # Size of the window 
my_window.mainloop()  # Keep the window open
To above code we will add different components.
ButtonAdd button with click events and style
LabelAdd Lable and change text & other attributes
TextAdd Text box , manage the string inside & other attributes
CheckbuttonRead data and manage (set or get) of a checkbutton
RadiobuttonRead data and manage (set or get) of a Radio button
ListboxRead selection , add elements to a listbox
MessageBoxShow Message box and take user choice
ScaleUse slider to fix value
CanvasDraw Line, Arc, Oval, Polygon ,rectangle etc
MySQLDisplaying records from MySQL database in Tkinter window
Projects using Tkinter

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