Video Tutorials on Python Basics

  • Introduction to Google Colab, the cloud based platform for working on Python programs

  • Python variables declaration and naming conventions with rules with sample code using google colab.

  • Python print() function to display output using sep end file and flush options

  • For loop in python to execute code block repeatedly using continue break and else with nested loops

  • Python data structure List tuple set and dictionary using List methods and functions

  • Python data structure using tuple the immutable object details with supported methods and functions

  • Python data structure using set an unordered unindexed and unique elements, methods and functions

  • Python set operations union, intersection, difference, symmetric_difference & updating the main set

  • Python dictionary creating and modifying key value pairs using various methods and functions

  • Python declaring multiline strings and concatenation with displaying chars based on position

  • Python string methods with example for searching, replacing and managing cases of chars

  • Python string methods to check matching conditions and return True of False ( Boolean )

  • Python functions declaring and passing parameters with return value and calling the function

  • Python recursive functions to call same function within the function code to get factorial of input

  • Python global , local and nonlocal variables declaration in functions and scope of the variables

  • Python file handling methods with different modes to read write & append data in text & binary mode

  • Python error handling using try catch else & finally with system Exception message & specific errors

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming - class, object method as part of DRY concept in Python

  • Inheritance using parent of base class and child or derived class with multilevel and multiple types

  • Inheritance MRO method resolution order in OOPS for multilevel and multiple inheritance in Python

  • Recursion in python to call the same function again with getrecursionlimit() & setrecursionlimit()

  • Factorial of a number by using loop and by recursive functions in Python

  • Fibonacci series of numbers by using loop and by recursive functions in Python

  • Listing Factors of an input number using for loop and if condition checking

  • Prime numbers up to some value or fixed numbers by using for and while loop in Python

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