Django framework

Django is a web framework which uses Python as programming language. With reusable and pluggable components, it became easy and fast for development and deployment of data driven websites.

It's free and open source.
BasicsInstallation and creating pojects using Django
FormForm to collect user intered data and displaying
URLCollecting data from URL
For LoopDisplaying data by looping using Django
AdminAdmin interface for managing users and tables
static filesAdding JQuery and Bootstrap to static files
MySQL()Installing mysqlclient and connecting to framework
InsertAdding records to MySQL tables using web form
MultipleAdding multiple records to MySQL tables from a list
DisplayDisplaying records from MySQL tables

Model Template View ( MTV )

Django uses Model Template View (MTV) Architecture and we can separate the three important areas of the web framework. It became easy for the teams to work on different parts of a complex project.

Model : We will handle our database by using Model. We declare our class here to manage data tables.

Template : We keep our user interface ( UI ) here. Take the input data or display the outcome of a transaction here.

Views : Views remains between our Model and Template ( UI ) . The main job is to handle business logics of our project.
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