By using json.loads() we can decode Json formatted data to Python object

In our example codes below we will check each object type after converting from Json to Python object.

Getting boolean type
import json
print(json.loads(my_str)) # True
print(type(json.loads(my_str))) # <class 'bool'>
Getting None type
import json
print(json.loads(my_str)) # None
print(type(json.loads(my_str))) # <class 'NoneType'>
Getting a List
import json
print(json.loads(my_str)) # ['First', 'Second', 'Third']
print(type(json.loads(my_str))) # <class 'list'>
Getting a Dictionary
import json
my_str='{"id":"2","name":"Max Ruin","class1":"Three5","mark":"85"}'
print(json.loads(my_str)) # {'id': '2', 'name': 'Max Ruin', 'class1': 'Three5', 'mark': '85'}
print(type(json.loads(my_str))) # <class 'dict'>
load() to read Json data from file


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