floor & ceil math functions

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ceil function returns lowest integer higher than the input.
Here are some examples with different type of numbers.
print(math.ceil(1.2))  # 2
print(math.ceil(1.6))  # 2 
print(math.ceil(-1.2)) # -1
print(math.ceil(-1.6)) # -1
print(math.ceil(45))   # 45
floor function returns highest integer lower than the input.
print(math.floor(1.2))  # 1
print(math.floor(1.6))  # 1 
print(math.floor(-1.2)) # -2
print(math.floor(-1.6)) # -2
print(math.floor(45))   # 45
We can use type() to get the data type.
import math
print(x) # -2
print(type(x)) # <class 'int'>

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