Python MySQL connection

We need to download and install mysql connector for python.
import mysql.connector

my_connect = mysql.connector.connect(
####### end of connection ####
my_cursor = my_connect.cursor()
MySQLCursor class instantiates objects to execute SQL statement. Such Cursor objects interact with MySQL database through MySQL connector.

In above code we have declared my_cursor as cursor object
We will use my_cursor having connection string in our applications.

Python to MySQL connector

With error message using try except

import mysql.connector
    my_connect = mysql.connector.connect(
except mysql.connector.Error as my_error:
    print(my_error.msg)  #  Error message
    print(my_error)      #  With error number 
####### end of connection ####
my_cursor = my_connect.cursor()
Each time we run the script we will add one record. We will get confirm ( of adding record ) message by reading the rowcount value.

Here is the code to capture error while inserting the record into the table. Here we have added one wrong field ( column ) name for class.

Using mysqlclient

Read on how to install mysqlclient
Connection string is here
from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine("mysql+mysqldb://userid_here:password_here@localhost/db_name")
my_conect = engine.connect()
We will be using the connection variable my_connect in our scripts here. More on Error handling

Collecting Records

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