Categorical Data Types in Pandas

Pandas dtypes

Creating categorical data types

Using astype()
import pandas as pd
my_dict={'grade':['a', 'c', 'b', 'b','b','c']} # dictionary 
my_data = pd.DataFrame(data=my_dict)
grade    category
dtype: object

Using series.

Use dtype='category' while creating a series.
import pandas as pd
print(my_df.dtypes) # category

Using cut()

We can use cut() function to group data in bins.
import pandas as pd 
my_data = pd.DataFrame(data=my_dict)
my_data['my_cut'] = pd.cut(x=my_data['MATH'],bins=[1, 50, 70, 100]) 
print(my_data['my_cut'].dtypes) # category

Pandas Data Cleaning dtypes()
to_timedelta() select_dtypes() timedelta64()

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