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Execute part of the code by different value of display options and restore the same after executing.
option_context()Execute the code block with set options ( reset after execution )
We can get a list of available options by using describe_option().

By using option_context() we can set the values of a set of display options temporarily and restore the values after execution of the set of code block. We will use with to define our set of code.

max_rows & max_columns

Let us set the option value max_rows to display 6 rows and max_columns to 3 columns of the DataFrame. Note that our excel file is having 35 rows of data and 5 columns.
import pandas as pd 
my_data = pd.read_excel('D:\student.xlsx',index_col='id')
with pd.option_context('display.max_rows',6,'display.max_columns',3):
print(pd.get_option("display.max_rows")) # 60 
          name  ...     sex
id              ...        
1     John Deo  ...  female
2     Max Ruin  ...    male
3       Arnold  ...    male
..         ...  ...     ...
33   Kenn Rein  ...  female
34    Gain Toe  ...    male
35  Rows Noump  ...  female

[35 rows x 4 columns]
More on student excel file ( you can download and use ) having 35 rows of data

In above code we have set the value of max_rows to 6 and max_columns to 3. The print() command will display records based on this setting. After executing the print() command we will display the value of max_rows by using get_option(). The value ( output ) is restored to default value of 60.

Like this there are several options available and we can update the values of these function. A list of such options with detail description is available by using describe_option()
All display option functions of DataFrame

Pandas read_csv() read_excel() to_excel()
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