Read and display data from URL or from web page. This reads Tabular data present in the html file.
import pandas as pd 
my_data = pd.read_html('')
Output is here ( there are more records , only 5 are displayed here )
[               0                                                 1
0      DataFrame                                  Pandas DataFrame
1          apply       Applying function along an Axis or elements
2             at           Get and Set data using rows and columns
3         astype                         Cast to a specified dtype
4            cut            Using segments for categorizing values
5        columns             List of column headers of a DataFrame
This function uses <table> <tr><th><td> .. tags and takes care of colpsan and rowspan of the <td> <th>. tags. We can use the skiprows and other methods explained at read_csv()

Pandas read_excel() to_tsv() to_excel()
Data input and output from Pandas DataFrame

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