Read and display data from student.tsv file.

.tsv file is Tab Separated Value file. Each row of data is stored by using Tab space as delimiter. Each row ends with line break.
import pandas as pd 
my_data = pd.read_table('D:\\student.tsv')
Output is here ( there are more rocords , only 5 are displayed here )
    id         name class1  mark     sex
0    1     John Deo   Four    75  female
1    2     Max Ruin  Three    85    male
2    3       Arnold  Three    55    male
3    4   Krish Star   Four    60  female
4    5    John Mike   Four    60  female
The method read_table() is deprecated, use read_csv instead, passing sep='\t'.
import pandas as pd 
my_data = pd.read_csv('D:\\student.csv',sep='\t')

Data input and output from Pandas DataFrame
Pandas read_excel() to_tsv() to_excel()
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