Reserved words in Python

Reaserved keywords in Python Python has a list of keywords which it uses for its syntax and internal processing. We can’t use these reserved words in our program as variable names or function names or as identifiers.

List of 35 reserved keywords in Python

This list may change with different versions of Python

Python reserved words list using keyword module with methods to check words

How to know if the name is included in the reserved key word list or not ?

We are checking the key word ( variable name ) nonlocal
import keyword
print(keyword.iskeyword('nonlocal')) # True

Display the full list of reserved keywords

We can display full list of reserved keywords in Python ( current version )
import keyword 
To know the number of words in the reserved keyword list
print(len(keyword.kwlist)) # 35  ( may change ) 
If we use any of the above listed words as variable then we will get the error message SyntaxError: invalid syntax

def is a reserved word ( for defining functions )
This line will generate error
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Python variables are case sensitive, so break is a reserved keyword but Break is not. Check the outputs below.
import keyword
print(keyword.iskeyword('break')) # True
print(keyword.iskeyword('Break')) # False

Reserved Words and Syntax Highlighting:

Mostlikely reserved words are typically highlighted in different Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and text editors. This helps in syntax highlighting for code readability and error prevention.

Understanding why they are reserved:

These reserved words have specific meanings and functionalities in Python, like controlling control flow, defining loops, handling data types, etc. Using them for other purposes would clash with their existing roles and create confusion. Remember, using descriptive variable names and avoiding reserved words makes your code more readable and maintainable for yourself and others.


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