Reserved words in Python

Reaserved keywords in Python Python has a list of keywords which it uses for its syntax and internal processing. We can’t use these reserved words in our program as variable names or function names or as identifiers . Here is the list . ( this may change with different versions of Python )


  • Reserved Key words in Python

How to know if the name is included in the reserved key word list or not ?

We are checking the key word ( variable name ) nonlocal
import keyword
print(keyword.iskeyword('nonlocal')) # True

Display the full list of reserved keywords

We can display full list of reserved keywords in Python ( current version )
import keyword 
To know the number of words in the reserved keyword list
print(len(keyword.kwlist)) # 35  ( may change ) 
If we use any of the above listed words as variable then we will get the error message SyntaxError: invalid syntax

def is a reserved word ( for defining functions )
This line will generate error
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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