set in Python Questions

set in Python
  1. Create a blank set by using constructor and check the data type
  2. Create a blank set
  3. Create a set with five integers
  4. Create a set by taking data from a range()
  5. Unpack a set and display the elements
  6. Create a set by using data from a list
  7. Create a set by using duplicate data ( set allows duplicate ? )
  8. Create one set by using single element and check the data type by using type() function
  9. Create a set using integers only, then use max(), min(), sum(),len() functions using set as input.
  10. Create one set and try to delete all elements by using clear() method. Check the error message.
  11. Create one set and find out number of elements present of a particular value by using count() method.
  12. Find different position values in this set ? my_set=('a','c','d','c','x','k','d','c') , value in first position, value in last position, value in 3rd position etc..
set in Python Tuple questions

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