Python Regular Expression

Extract Date in dd-mm-YYYY format from a string.
import re
my_string="Your birth day is on 24-12-2002""([0-9]{2}\-[0-9]{2}\-[0-9]{4})", my_string)
Output is here

Links ( URLs) from a file

import re
path='C:/dir_name/string_functions.php' # path of the file to read
fob=open(path,'r') # Open in read mode # collect data 
fob.close() # close file object 
urls1 = re.findall(r'href=[\'"]?([^\'" >]+)', data)
For case insensitive search use this.
urls1 = re.findall(r'href=[\'"]?([^\'" >]+)', data,re.IGNORECASE)

Searching string

import re
if'PLUS', 'Welcome to', re.IGNORECASE):
    print('It is there') # True 
    print('It is NOT there') # False
Output is
It is there
find(): searching string

All String methods

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