All String methods

Returns the rightmost matching position of the search string in a main string
main_string.rfind(search_string, start, end)
search_string : Required, String to be searched and position is returned if found.
start : Optional, Starting position of search , by default it is from 0 or starting position of string
end : Optional , ending position of search, by default it is end of the string.
my_str='Welcome to plus2net.com Python section'
print(output) # output is 20
Using optional parameters start and end. If not matching is found then output is -1
my_str='Welcome to plus2net.com Python section'
print(output) # output is -1

my_str='Welcome to plus2net.com Python section'
print(output) # output is 20
rindex() method raise an exception if searched string is not found but rfind() returns -1 if searched string is not found. That is the main difference between rfind() and rindex()

All String methods

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