Projects using Python tkinter

tkinter tutorial & Exercise

  1. Exercise on tkinter
  2. Add each component of tkinter
  3. Create a button which on click will close the window
  4. Create three buttons. First one will have text saying hi Welcome . Text on 2nd button should say Change. On click of 2nd button the text in first button should change to this is new text . On click of third button the window should close.
  5. Add one more text box to above script and on click of 2nd button , a welcome message should appear inside the text box.
  6. In place of text box use one Label in above script.
  7. Window should display Welcome message on click of a button
  8. Enter your name in a textbox and on click of a button your name should display with welcome message
  9. Create one incremental counter starting from 0 and updating at 1 second frequency, add one start and stop button to stop and start the counter. One more reset button to start the counter from 0 again. One end button to close the window.
  10. Create one calculator with Add , subtract, multiple and division buttons.
tkinter tutorial & Exercise

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