List of Sample Projects using Python Tkinter

tkinter tutorial & Exercise

  1. Exercise on tkinter
  2. Add each component of tkinter
  3. Create a button which on click will close the window ( source code here )
  4. Create three buttons. First one will have text saying hi Welcome . Text on 2nd button should say Change. On click of 2nd button the text in first button should change to this is new text . On click of third button the window should close.
  5. Add one more text box to above script and on click of 2nd button , a welcome message should appear inside the text box.
  6. In place of text box use one Label in above script.
  7. Window should display Welcome message on click of a button
  8. Enter your name in a textbox and on click of a button your name should display with welcome message
  9. Create one incremental counter starting from 0 and updating at 1 second frequency, add one start and stop button to stop and start the counter. One more reset button to start the counter from 0 again. One end button to close the window.
  10. Create one calculator with Add , subtract, multiple and division buttons.
  11. Create one chess board in Tkinter.
  12. Upload and display image in Tkinter window. Resize the window based on the requirment
  13. Ask the user to enter Date of Birth from a DateEntry ( Calendar ) widget. Then display their age in Year, month and days. .... Age Calculation Solution here
  14. Based on completed tasks ( number of selections by user ), display one progress bar.
  15. User will enter data in a text widget within a time period. Total number of chars entered by user will be displayed. typing speed calculator
  16. Based on number of chars entered, the background colour should change
  17. Display data in Entry widget based on increment value ( Spinbox ) with upper limit and using a timer.
  18. Convert Feet unit to Meter and vice versa.
  19. Housie Numbers : The popular Tambola game Number generator
  20. Update the background colour of a button by using RGB colour scales.
  21. Displaying Clok showing time in different formats
  22. Countdown to show time left in Hour : Minutes : Seconds for the new year.
  23. Use canvas and create animations using rectangles and circles
  24. Drawing Pointer connected to a Scale to show value in a Dashboard.
  25. Based on the selection of option from a Combobox, either two or three text boxes to be displayed.
  26. Save the user entered data to one PDF file.
    ( Solution ) Save data entered by user in Tkinter window to PDF file
  27. Restrict the user entered data in a Text widget and integrate it with a ProgressBar
  28. Create a tool to generate ashtags from user entered string after removing the negative word list.
    On generation, the Hashtags should be copied to system Clipboard to paste in other applications.
  29. Displaying countdown value in a Label.
Analog Clock in Tkinter Canvas

Displaying Clock in Tkinter window

QR code generator

Generating QR code in Tkinter window

Using Tkinter with MySQL ( or SQLite ) database

  1. Upload and display image in Tkinter window. Resize the window based on the requirment
  2. Managing Inventory : Add edit remove products and manage stock
  3. Create one MySQL connector where user will enter login details of MySQL database and click a button to connect. Once connected, window will list all the available tables inside the database. In case of error the message returned from MySQL will be displayed.
    MySQL Database Connector
  4. Modify the above script to add feature to execute any query. After successful connection to MySQL ( or SQLite ) database, the button saying SQL will be enabled. On click of this button one new window will open ( use Toplevel ) with one entry box. User can use this entry box to write any SQL and on submit the same will be executed and the result will be displayed on parent window.

    For Select query the records will be displayed, for update or delete query the number of rows affected will be displayed.

    If the query has failed to execute then the error message should be displayed. The query window should retain the SQL for future edit.
    SQlite connector

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Management V-1

Todo List using Database

Task List using Checkbuttons in Tkinter

Generating Invoice using Treeview

Adding products to generate Invoice using Tkinter Treeview

tkinter tutorial & Exercise

Pandas DataFrame with Tkinter

  1. Read any CSV file by using file browser and then create a Pandas Dataframe. Display the number of rows and columns available in DataFrame. Tkinter Read CSV file and create Pandas DataFrame
    Create Pandas DataFrame by reading Google Analytics csv file from Tkinter GUI
Tkinter Autocomplete using Entry & Listbox.
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