SQL Video Tutorials

  • Download & Install MySQL with Workbench and creating database with sample student table with records
    04-Jan-2021 quixote
  • Answers of questions posted by visitors on SQL sum command MySQL query
    19-Feb-2021 quixote
  • Answers of questions posted by visitors on SQL sum multiple columns MySQL query
    20-Feb-2021 quixote
  • Creating sample MySQL student table using SQL dump in Workbench
    27-Feb-2021 quixote
  • SQL UPDATE query to update columns with WHERE & AND conditions & with multiple columns data
    28-Feb-2021 quixote
  • SQL UPDATE query to update columns in multiple tables using INNER & LEFT JOIN with GROUP BY query
    28-Feb-2021 quixote
  • Query to get Second highest number by mark using Order by and LIMIT from student table
    28-Feb-2021 quixote
  • GROUP BY SQL query to get number of records, average , maximum minimum & sum over a group of records
    28-Feb-2021 quixote
  • MySQL case – when –then to match against value or condition with GROUP by and BETWEEN query
    07-Mar-2021 quixote
  • Number of records in a table with different conditions by using SQL count() in less than 2 minutes
    27-Mar-2021 quixote
  • MySQL IF function return data based on True or False condition matching with group by & between SQL
    28-Mar-2021 quixote
  • SQL delete table command by using DROP query and before deleting checking if TABLE exists
    05-Dec-2021 quixote
  • SQL to delete records using WHER condition and removing records from multiple tables by joining
    06-Dec-2021 quixote
  • Copy structure with data to a new table with unique constraints auto increment using IF EXISTS
    08-Dec-2021 quixote
  • Copy data to an existing table by INSERT or REPLACE with constraints using on DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE
    09-Dec-2021 quixote
  • Creating and deleting Primary Key constraint of Table and difference between Unique Key in MySQL
    13-Dec-2021 quixote
  • Tkinter Query window to execute SQL commands SELECT UPDATE DROP with WHERE to learn and show results
    17-Mar-2022 quixote
  • 20 SELECT queries with WHERE BETWEEN AND OR IN LIKE commands to get data from SQLite database
    21-Mar-2022 quixote
  • Question and answers on Python, Tkinter , MySQL, SQLite , creating PDF files and PHP
    30-Mar-2022 quixote

What is SQL Query with WHERE Condition Collecting data by linking more than one table
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    SQL Video Tutorials

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