int easter_days ([ int $year = date("Y") [, int $method = CAL_EASTER_DEFAULT ]] )
$yearOptional : Year in four digits
Output is in number of days after 21st March the Easter Sunday is in given year ( default is current year )

echo easter_days(2021); // Output is 14
echo "<br>";
echo easter_days(2020); // Output is 22
echo "<br>";
echo easter_days(); // Output is 31 , default year 2019
echo "<br>";
echo easter_days(2018); // Output is 11
echo "<br>";
echo easter_days(2017); // Output is 26
echo "<br>";
echo easter_days(2016); // Output is 6

easter_date(): gives the timestamp of Easter Date

Find out Easter Date without using easter_date() function

$y=date('Y');// default year
$date = new DateTime("$y-03-21"); // date format for 21st March of current year
$d= easter_days(); // Output is 31 , default year 2019
$date->add(new DateInterval("P".$d."D")); // Add number of days to easter to date format
echo $date->format('Y-M-d'); // Easter date of current year
Output is here
 Easter date for year 2022 is 2022-Apr-17
We creaed date object for 21st of March of current year. The function easter_days() give number of days between 21st March and Easter day. Then used DateInterval to add number days to Easter to it.


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