strtotime to get Unix timestamp

Strtotime gives Unix timestamp starting from 1st Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT;

echo strtotime('now');
Output is here

Comparing two dates

By using strtotime we can compare two dates and return the highest ( or lowest ) date of them. Here is the code
$dt1='25-12-2015'; // First Date one in a variable
$dt2='01-07-2016'; // Second Date in a variable

$dt11=strtotime($dt1); // Converting first date to timestamp
$dt22=strtotime($dt2); // Converting second date to timestamp

if($dt11 > $dt22){
echo "Highest  Date : $dt ";
Output is here
Highest Date : 01-07-2016
Using strtotime with date() to get formatted date and time output
Code Output
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('11 July 2016'))07-11-2016
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+1 day'))03-29-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+1 week'))04-04-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+1 month'))04-28-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+1 month 3 days'))05-01-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+2 months -1 day'))05-27-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('Sunday +1 day'))03-30-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('first day of this month'))03-01-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('last day of this month'))03-31-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('first day of next month'))04-01-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('last day of next month'))04-30-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('first day of previous month'))02-01-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('last day of previous month'))02-29-2020
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('+5 years '))03-28-2025
With Date & Time
date('m-d-Y H:i:s',strtotime('+1 hour '))03-28-2020 15:44:30
date('m-d-Y H:i:s',strtotime('+10 minutes '))03-28-2020 14:54:30
date('m-d-Y H:i:s',strtotime('+20 seconds '))03-28-2020 14:44:50
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('last day of next month +1 Hour'))04-30-2020 : 15
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('first day of next month +1 Hour 20 minutes'))04-01-2020 : 16 : 04 : 30
Fixed Date
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('25-12-2012 +5 years '))12-25-2017
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('25-12-2012 +1 month 1 week '))02-01-2013
date('m-d-Y',strtotime('12-06-2018 next Monday '))06-18-2018
date('d-M-Y',strtotime('07-06-2018 next Wednesday'))13-Jun-2018

Date Picker using JQuery

Other ways to get Unix Timestamp

Function Description
mktime() getting time stamp of input date and time
gettimestamp()Getting Timestamp from date object

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