Pandas DataFrame Plots


Pandas.DataFrame.plot to get line graphs using data

Let us create a DataFrame with name of the students and their marks.
A series of data joined by lines to draw a line graph.

Line Plot
DataFrame line graph
Data represented by set of vertical Bars .

Bar graph
DataFrame bar  graph
Data represented by set of Horizontal Bars .

HBar graph
DataFrame horizontal bar  graph
distribution of numerical or categorical data

depicting groups of numerical data through their quartiles

Pie Chart showing relative percentage distribution
Pie Chart

Pie Chart
distribution of a numeric variable

Density Chart
displays graphically quantitative data

Area Chart
values for typically two variables for a set of data

Scatter Chart
relationship of 2 numerical variables

Hexbin Chart
Graph using data from MySQL database

Saving graph as image

fig = plot.get_figure()
With subplots=True
Plotting graphs using DataFrame
plot-linePlotting line graph with different options
plot-barPlotting bar graph with different options
plot-barhPlotting Horizontal bar graph with different options
plot-histHistogram with different options
plot-boxplotboxplot with different options
plot-piePie diagram with different options
plot-densityDensity diagram with different options
plot-areaArea diagram with different options
plot-scatterScatter plot with different options
Read how Excel or CSV file uploaded to Google drive and mounted to create Plots

Try the exercise on Pandas Plot
Graph using data from MySQL database Displaying graph on Tkinter GUI
Pandas to_csv() Filtering of Data
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