YEARWEEK(): Year & Week from input date

SELECT YEARWEEK('2023-01-02'); #202301
SELECT YEARWEEK('2023-12-31'); #202353
SELECT YEARWEEK('2024-01-01'); #202353
SELECT YEARWEEK('2016-09-23')
Output is 201638
For a invalid date we will get Null as output
SELECT YEAR('2010-02-31')
Output is NULL
DEMO: Select date from Calendar to execute YEARWEEK()

Understanding Mode (Optional Parameter , value 0 to 7)

The week can start on Sunday or Monday,
To understand uses of MODE, read WEEK() function
If mode is not given, then it is considered as 0. The default_week_format of the MySQL system variables is not considered in YEARWEEK() function like WEEK() function. This is the main difference while using MODE between WEEK() function and YEARWEEK() function.

2012-01-01 change the First Day of Week to Monday
2018-01-01 select Sunday as First Day of Week
SQL Date References WEEK() : Week number of year ( 0 to 53 ) WEEKDAY() : 0 for Monday .. 6 for Sunday
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