How to create array and add element

Creating JavaScript arrays Declaring an array.
var scripts = new Array();
Adding elements to above array
scripts[0] = "PHP";
scripts[1] = "ASP";
scripts[2] = "JavaScript";
scripts[3] = "HTML";
Now our array scrips has 4 elements inside it and we can print or access them by using their index number. Note that index number starts from 0.
document.write(scripts[2]);// JavaScript 
We also can create an array like this
var no_array = new Array(21, 22, 23, 24, 25); // Total 5 elements
var my_array=['4th']; // array with single element
var my_array=['Alex','Ron','Jim']; // New array 
document.write(my_array[1]); // Output Ron 
If we are processing a form then elements of the form can be managed as part of an array. We will learn some different points on use of arrays and before that we will learn some basics of JavaScript array.

How to create arrays in JavaScript?

Creating arrays in JavaScript & adding elements by using constructor and breaking string using split

Crating Array from a String

str='Welcome to plus2net';
my_array=str.split(' ')
document.write(my_array[2]); // output : plus2net
More practical requirement will be crating array from a string. You can read more on this on our tutorial on split.
Demo of creating array from a string by using split
Array Reference How to display elements of an Array
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