Demo of Adding elements by user and displaying

Enter one sample data here and press Add button. Next add one more sample data and press Add button. ....

Users can add elements through an existing textbox and the status of the array is displayed below the text box with all elements. One by one elements are added by using push function. We have used getElementById to read the data from the text box similarly used on div tag to display all the elements of the array.

Array length property to get number of elements present inside array

Here is the code
<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 3.2//en">
<title>Demo of adding element to an array</title>

 <script type="text/javascript">
var data = new Array(); // creating array

function add_element(){
data.push(document.getElementById('t1').value); // adding element to array
document.getElementById('t1').value=''; // Making the text box blank
disp(); // displaying the array elements

function disp(){
var str='';
str = 'total number of elements in data array : ' + data.length + '<br>';
for (i=0;i<data.length;i++) 
str += i + ':'+data[i] + "<br >";  // adding each element with key number to variable

document.getElementById('disp').innerHTML=str; // Display the elements of the array

<input type=text  id='t1'><input type=button value='Add' onClick='add_element()';>
<div id=disp></div>


Adding key value pair to Array

var my_ans = new Array(); // declaring array 

// displaying the array data //

for (var key in my_ans) {
document.write("key :" +key + "=>value: "+ my_ans[key]+ "<br>");
Output is here
key : key1 =>value: value1
key : key2 =>value: value2

Deleting elements by user

Here we are only adding the elements to the array, by adding another function we can give facility to user to remove any elements from the array.
DEMO to Add and Remove elements by user using Splice Push to add elements to an Array
Array Reference How to display elements of an Array
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    useful code.but i have a doubt what if i want to display particular element of any index and that index value is to be taken by entering values though users.


    You can display the value by reading the key of the array. In side the function you can see one for loop is used with variable i, if i value is taken from user then the corresponding value can be displayed.
    Himari Biswas


    thank u very much finally my problem solved
    mr red


    how about, if the data in the arrays are on the table? what will the code format is?


    You have to first collect the data from the table by using any server side script and SQL.

    While displaying the data you can use the array push to insert data to the JavaScript array. Note that while using server side script you have to echo or print the client side JavaScript code to store values inside array.


    Thank you so much. This will help me

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