imagefilledellipse(): Filled ellipse using PHP GD

Returns true or false based on success of failure.
$imageImage created using ImageCreate() or imagecreatetruecolor()
$center_xx coordinate of center ( X : Horizontal )
$center_yy coordinate of center ( Y : Vertical )
$widthWidth of the ellipse
$heightHeight of the ellipse
$colorColor to fill the ellipse by using imagecolorallocate().
filled ellipse using imagefilledellipse()

Creating full circle using imagefilledellipse()

We need to maintain $width and $height equal .
By using imageellipse() we created one face, to this image now we will be adding eye balls by using imagefilledellipse().


Face with eye balls using imagefilledellipse
header ("Content-type: image/jpeg");
$im = @ImageCreate ($width, $height) 
 or die ("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream");
imageellipse($im,150,150,290,290,$text_color); // outer face
imageellipse($im,80,100,50,50,$text_color); // left eye 
imageellipse($im,220,100,50,50,$text_color); // right eye
imageellipse($im,150,200,70,10,$text_color); // mouth

$fill_color=ImageColorAllocate($im,0,128,255); // eye ball colour
imagefilledellipse($im,80,100,20,20,$fill_color); // left eye ball
imagefilledellipse($im,220,100,20,20,$fill_color); // right eye ball
 Imagejpeg ($im);
 imagedestroy($im); //memory is cleared.
By changing the position of eye ball we can create different type of face ( emoji )
Face with eye balls in down direction
Face with eye balls in right direction
$move_left=-15; // x position is moved right 
$move_top=0; // Y position not changed  
Try to create different movement of eye balls and mouth ellipse representing different face expressions ( emoji )

Concentric circle using imagefilledellipse()

Random numbers are gnerated between 1 and 255 for adding differnt colors. Common center for all the circles.
Filled concentric Circles using imagefilledellipse
header ("Content-type: image/jpeg");
$im = @ImageCreate ($width, $height) 
 or die ("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream");
for($i=0;$i<=$width;$i +=$gap){
    $fill_color = ImageColorAllocate ($im, $r, $g,$b);    
Imagejpeg ($im);
imagedestroy($im); //memory is cleared.
GD functions GD imagearc() GD imagerectangle()
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