Collecting the coordinates data inside of an image on click

The example below will display the values of the coordinate ( X and Y ) of the point you click.
 X=, Y= 
Here is the code
echo "X=$foo_x, Y=$foo_y ";
<form action='' method=post>
<input type="image" alt=' Finding coordinates of an image' src="xy-coordinates.jpg"
name="foo" style=cursor:crosshair;/>
Collecting the values of the coordinates of any image is a common requirement in many applications. For example if we have one map and wants the visitors to click on any area of the map to enlarge ( zoom ) it then we must know the coordinates of the click point where the visitor wants to be magnified.
Based on the coordinates in X and Y plot of the image we can further process the script to give desire result.
Here by using CSS, your mouse pointer is changed to cross. You can learn more on how to change the mouse pointer in our CSS section or click here.

Coordinates X Y

Note that the value of X ( horizontal ) and Y ( Vertical ) coordinate is zero at the top left corner of the image. It reaches its maximum value at the right bottom point of the image.

We can get the coordinates without reloading the page.
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    This was so helpful and saved me a lot of time. Thanks a lot.


    How would i use this method if i wanted to have 2 images that i want to click before the form posts?


    it was so helpful! Thank you very much! ^_^
    Mahesh Todkar


    This is really superb. now i dont need to use javascript for that and which helps me a lot and save my time as well.

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