ImageRotate() Rotating Image by GD

$source_image : Image resource created before
$angle: Rotational angle in degree
$bg_color: Color of the uncovered zone after rotation
$int_transparent: Transparent colors are ignored if value is given and not 0


header ("Content-type: image/jpg");

$file_name='../images/top2.jpg'; // Image collected
$angle='180';    // Angle of rotation is set
$img_source = imagecreatefromjpeg($file_name); // Image created

$img_rotated = imagerotate($img_source, $angle, 0); // Rotate the image

imagejpeg($img_rotated); // Output Displayed

imagedestroy($img_source);  // Free the memory 
imagedestroy($img_rotated); // Free the memory
Above code is saved as gd-imagerotate-demo.php and displayed in this page, HTML code is here.
<img src=gd-imagerotate-demo.php>

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