MySQLND support from CPanel

Go to your Cpanel and scroll down to Select PHP versions , here you can change your PHP version , or change your available plugins for your account.

MySQLi support from CPanel

By default it must be checked for your hosting ( depends on the version of PHP you are using ) , you can enable or disable this by visiting CPanel and then PHP Version link.

These changes can be done for shared hosting also ( without contacting your hosting support )

Enabling MySQLnd

If you are using mysqli ( not Mysql ) then you need to use nd_mysqli . This is required as several functions like mysqli_fetch_all , get_result() etc are not going to work without support of nd_mysqli. Adding mysqlnd support
You need to uncheck mysqli ( remove ) and check nd_mysqli , you can’t make both checked as there will be a conflict. Here is the screenshot to make MySQLnd work. Part of the PHPinfo() showing about mysql phpinfo showing mysqlnd support


After changing to PHP 7 we found the same problem so inplace of mysqli we checked nd_mysqli . PHP 7 Adding mysqlnd support
MYSQLI Functions mysqli_num_rows() Number of rows in result set SELECT query
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    Tomas Eriksson


    This solved my issue, many many thanks! :)

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