We can get the name of the xml tag from a xml string or xml file using getname() function. We will use SimpleXMLElement object for this. Here is the sample string we will be using and we kept this sample xml string inside xml-sample1.php. We will load this string at the starting of the page.


$str_xml = <<<XML
<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
<street>Great Wall</street>

Here is the PHP code using getName()

require "xml-sample1.php";
$main1 = new SimpleXMLElement($str_xml);
echo 'getName : '.$main1->getName();

The output is

getName : details

The get the name of all balance tags we will be using for loop and the child function. Here is the code.

require "xml-sample1.php";
$main1 = new SimpleXMLElement($str_xml);
foreach ($main1 as $child1) {
echo '<br>getName : '. $child1->getName();
foreach ($child1 as $child2) {
echo '<br>getName : '. $child2->getName();

Output is here

getName : name
getName : address
getName : door_no
getName : street
getName : city

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