children() function in PHP XML

From a XML string or tag we can get the children of a given node. We will be using simpleXMLElement object for this. Here is the XML string.


$str_xml = <<<XML
<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
	<street>Great Wall</street>

We have also used getName to display the tag name along with the children function. Here is the php code.
require "xml-sample1.php";
$main1 = new SimpleXMLElement($str_xml);

foreach ($main1->children() as $child1) {
echo  '<br><b>getName</b> : '.$child1->getName().' <b>children</b> : '. $child1;
foreach ($child1->children() as $child2) {
echo  '<br><b>getName</b> : '.$child2->getName().' <b>children</b> : '. $child2;

The output is
getName : name children : Abcd
getName : address children :
getName : door_no children : 234-ac
getName : street children : Great Wall
getName : city children : Alabama

Use the xml file file-xml-demo.php

$xml = simplexml_load_file('file-xml-demo.xml');
 echo $xml->details[0]->name;     // Output John Deo 
 echo $xml->details[0]->count(); // Output 3 
 echo "<br>";
 echo $xml->details[2]->name;     // Output Arnold 
To display all the data.
$xml = simplexml_load_file('file-xml-demo.xml');

foreach ($xml as $child1) {
echo  "<br>". $child1->getName()." : $child1";
foreach ($child1 as $child2) {
echo "<br>". $child2->getName()." : $child2";

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