List of JQUERY Effects

Show & HideHide or show any element
ToggleChange status of Hide or show for any element
FadeIn FadeOutFade-in and fade-out with transition effects
FadeTogglefade-in and fade-out by using fadeToggle effects
FadeToFade-to different opacity with transition effects
slideUp slideDownSlideUp & slideDown to hide & display by sliding
slideToggleslide Up & slide Down by slideToggle effect
AnimationAnimation by changing CSS values of any object
Animation ColorColor Animation by using JQuery UI

Effects using UI

Jquery UI ( user interface ) can give more additional effects . To add these effects we need to add UI library, here we are using google CDN like this .
<script src=""></script>
BlindBlind with direction and speed
BounceBounce with number of times and speed
ClipClip with direction and speed
DropSpeed and direction
ExplodeExplode with number of pieces and speed
FoldFold with HorizFirst, size of folded pieces and speed
FadeFade effect with speed control
HighlightHighlight with color and speed
PuffPuff with Percentage grow and speed
PulsatePulsate with number of times and speed
ScaleScale with direction percent and speed
ShakeShake with time, distance and direction
SizeSize with origin , to, scale and speed
SlideSlide with distance, direction and speed
TransferTransfer with to different element

Comparing all UI effects

Here is a script to demonstrate all the UI effects applied one by one based on user selection.

Post your comments , suggestion , error , requirements etc here .

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