keypress Event using JQUERY

When we press a key the keypress event occurs.
This event is triggered for printing keyes only ( excluding non-printing keys like Esc, Shift, arrow keys etc)

Here is the syntax

  • Video Tutorial on keyboard Events

Code to trigger keypress event .

$(document).ready(function() {

Difference between keypress and keydown events

The keypress() event is not triggered by the non-printing keys like Esc, Shift key , Delete key etc , whereas all keys are tracked by keydown() event.
keydown() event is case insensitive
keypress() event is case sensitive
DEMO of difference between keypress and keydown Events
$(document).ready(function() {
//// keydown() ///
$('#d1').html('Keydown Event happened, keycode: '+ event.which);
setTimeout(function() { $("#d1").fadeOut('slow'); }, 1000);
/////keypress() ///
$('#d2').html('Keypress Event happened, keycode: '+ event.which);
setTimeout(function() { $("#d2").fadeOut('slow'); }, 1000);
 <div id=d1></div> <div id=d2></div>
Event Reference Keydown() keyup()
DEMO of Hover on multiple elements
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