Table Charts

Using google chart library table package we can display tabular data to the user. It has many functions and some of them are listed here. Copy the sample codes and save as html file to check.

Table Chart with data from MySQL database table using PHP pdo and google chart library

  • Sort column in any order by clicking the column header.
  • All binary columns takes the value tick ( check marks ) and cross based on values true or false
  • Alternate colours are given to rows and same can be customized
  • Header remain fixed as we scroll
  • Selection of single or multiple rows

Paging using google chart table

  • When more records are there we can break the records in pages and navigational buttons are added to browse different pages by using page:true option.
  • Number of records per page can be set be using pageSize:3 option.

Options used
var options ={ page:true,pageSize:3,
	showRowNumber: false, width: 620, height: '50%'}

Paging concepts

Out of say 100 records we will display the first 1 to 10 records and then give a link at the end to display the next 10 records. On click of this link we will display 11 to 20 records. At the same time the user may like to return to the first 1 to 10 pages so we will be displaying another link saying Previous. So we can move forward or backward to navigate between pages.
More about Paging and How back end script works to create paging

Data from MySQL database

We can collect data from MySQL database and display the same using google chart table. We need to create one JavaScript array from the mysql records to add data to our Chart table.
Tutorial on using MySQL records to display in Google table chart.

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Pie Chart using MySQL data
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