Dropdown list box using data from XML file

We can create one drop down list box by using data from our student table. This xml file is created by reading data from MySQL table. You can check the output as XML from our file-xml-demo.xml file. Here is the PHP Script to generate the dropdown list
$obj_xml = new SimpleXMLElement('file-xml-demo.xml', NULL, TRUE);
// Total number of elements present ///
//$total = $obj_xml->count(); // total number of elements for PHP 5.3 and above
$total =count($obj_xml->children());  // for < php 5.3 version

$str="<select name='student'>";
for($i=0; $i<$total; $i++) { 
$str= $str . "<option value=".$obj_xml->details[$i]->id.">".$obj_xml->details[$i]->name. "</option>";
$str = $str. "</select>";
echo $str;




Ahhhhh, Yes. Thank you.This was exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you soooo much!

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