PHP SQLite support


pdo_sqlite support PHP Portable Data Object ( PDO ) has a driver for SQLite database as pdo_sqlite. We can check the support for the driver by using phpinfo().
Use phpinfo() to get PHP installation details, code is here

echo phpinfo();


Part of the output is shown here with PDO SQLite support.

To check for different database PDO driver support we can use this code.

If SQLite dirver support is missing then follow the instructions at php.ini here to enable the support. ( restart if php.ini is changed )

sqlite3 support

Check phpinfo() to know about sqlite3 library support.
sqlite3 library support
Update or enable sqlite3 library support in your php.ini file.

Enable php_sqlite3.dll inside your php.ini file.

sqlite3 enable at php.ini file

Version details of sqlite3 library
$ver_dtl = SQLite3::version();

echo $ver_dtl['versionString'] . "<br>";
echo $ver_dtl['versionNumber'] . "<br>";

Output is here ( may change based on your installation )
array(2) { ["versionString"]=> string(8) "" ["versionNumber"]=> int(3008010) }
Download sample script for SQLite with instructions on how to use.

Connection to SQLite and create table

PHP SQLite PDO Functions
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