Clone Stamp Tool to create or replace an area with another area

Clone stampl tool is just below the patch and healing brush tool.This tool is some what similar to healing brush tool.With the help if this tool,we can create a similar duplicate copy.This tool takes the sample of the image and apply it over the other image or part of same image.We can increase and decrease the size of the brush.This tool plays important role in photo editing.
This is the Clone Stamp Tool.Go on to that tool and just click on it to select it.Just select the tool and go to the target and select the sample piece by left cliking the mouse by holding Alt button.Now go to other image and apply by just clicking it there. clone stamp tool
For example, we are having this image in which we can see having one black spot on it. removing damage area of an image using stamp tool
To remove that spot, select the tool and hold Alt button and click on the sample area which we want to place it in place of black spot. Selecting a smple area in the picture
After selecting the sample area go to that black spot and just click on it.The selected sample will be placed on that black spot.This will be the final result. Replacing the damage area with a stamp tool


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