Creating water mark images in photoshop

We can create water mark images of any text or logo. We can make it by making it semi transparent and adding other effects. Such water marked images have many uses and one of the common uses is to water mark the copy write images. We can add this water mark to any existing image. These water mark images can be dynamically added to any image by programming. Here before adding to any image the water mark image is to be created first. We will discuss here how to create such water mark images using text.

Open your Photoshop package and create one new image of 225 pixel width and 32 pixel height. You can select your dimension as per your requirement. Set the background to transparent while creating the image.

Now use the text tool and keep the font as Arial Black and font size to 30. Write your text you want to make water mark. We have used this font style as the width of the fonts will be more to get better water mark, you can use your font style.

Thick Text for water mark

Now go to layer box. If this box is not visible then open it by visiting Windows > Layers or press F7. On the layer tab select the text layer , right click and select Blending options. On the first window under Advanced Blending change the Fill Opacity to 25 %.

Advanced Blending option values

Then goto ( or select ) Bevel and Emboss. Then under structure Style select outer bevel , technique Smooth. Change the depth to 1000% . Under Shading change the angel and altitude to 176 and 6 degree. Under the shadow mode keep the Opacity to 100 % . Just check the picture below for your matching settings.

Thick Text for water mark

Now your water mark is ready. Keep on changing the settings of the above screen to get different styles of water mark.
Prepared water mark logo


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