Making an Eyeball in Photoshop

This is a simple tutorial on how to make an Eyeball
Create a new file and name it as eyeball.psd. Select Elipse Tool either from toolbox or go through Window>Tools>Elipse Tool. Zoom tool
Create a circle like an eyeball with Elipse Tool(Shift and draw the circle to get a perfect circle). Zoom tool

Select the layer which contains the circle and double click on it to open Layer Style window of that particular layer.



Zoom tool
Now from the layer style select Gradient Overlay to apply gradient overlay for the shape. Zoom tool

Select the Linear option from the Style Drop Down.

Zoom tool
Now you have to adjust the Gradients utill when the shape will get to eyeball effect. Zoom tool

wow, you have created an eyeball. Now you have to add some white Dots to it to have a natural look.


Zoom tool

Atlast you got the eyeball


Now select the elipse tool from the toolbox to draw eye shape. Zoom tool
Adjust the ball to the center of the shape. Zoom tool
Now see, you got an eye shape. Zoom tool
Fill the eye with white color except the border. Now see, is it not looking like an eyeball. Add more effects as desired. Zoom tool


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