Marque tool and its uses in PhotoShop

By using marquee tool we can select a portion of the image with different shapes. With this selection we can apply different color effects like gradient tool, stamp tool etc to further enhance the image effect.
These are all Selecting tools. By keeping mouse over the the Marquee tools option and on right clicking it,you can get four options. These are the Marquee tools and we can select one of them.

rounded rectangles,
1-pixel rows & columns.
1. Rectangle Marquee Tool:

Select a rectangular marquee tool and this will be highlighted once selected.

Rectangle marquee is used to make rectangle selection. After selecting the tool click on the work area, then you can drag it to any direction.

The selection will be seen in the form of dotted lines. Now we can edit the selected area. Hold down Shift as you drag to use the marquee to a Square.

To remove the selection go to

Select > Deselect.

2. Elliptical Marquee Tool:

Select the tool and drag it to your desired position. Hold down Shift as you drag to constrain the marquee to a perfect circle.

3.Single Row Marquee Tool:

This is used to define the borde r as a 1-pixel wide row.

4.Sigle Column Marquee Tool:

This is used to define the borde

To edit the selected part, after applying marquee tool on any image or on any background we can edit it. For example, Import any image or for instant this red coloured image.

On this image draw a rectangle with rectangular marquee tool. We can edit only on the selec ted area of the red coloured image. To delete, select the area and click
Select > Delete. The selected area will be deleted.

To fill color on the selected area,you can select the area and fill colour on the selected area.


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