if else elif in Python

Take care of indenting as you will get error. The code to be executed within if condition is to be indented to create a block of code.
    print("x is greater than y")
    print("y is greater than x")
Output is here
y is greater than x

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Using elif

If the first if condition check fails then we can go for for one more check by using elif before using else.
if elif else condition check
    print("x is greaeter than y")
    print("y is greater than 15")
    print("y is greater than x but less than 15")
Output is here
y is greater than 15

What is the difference between else and elif ?

We don’t check any condition while using else, the code within else block is always executed once the (previous) if condition fails. In case of elif , one more condition is checked.
Read more how to use elif to get the grade from input mark.

Using Short code

if(y>x): print("x is greater than y")
Out put is here
x is greater than y
This one is easy.
print("y is big") if(y>x) else print("x is big")
Write one user defined function to filter odd and even numbers.
def my_check(x):
    return True if x%2==0 else False

View and Download if_else_elif ipynb file ( .html format )


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