CHARACTER_LENGTH : Number of characters present in a string

We can find out the length of the data or characters actually present in a field of a mysql table by using character_length function.
SELECT CHARACTER_LENGTH('Welcome to plus2net')
Output is 19

Difference between LENGTH & CHARACTER_LENGTH

CHARACTER_LENGTH returns the number of characters used and it counts double byte characters as single character.

LENGTH returns number of bytes stored. Double byte characters are counted as 2.

Example: Euro sign occupies 3 bytes
Ouput is
3,  1

Length of data stored in column

For example we are storing titles for a image in a mysql table. We have assigned 100 as length of this varchar field. Here 100 is the maximum length of title allowed but it is not always that we will be using the total 100 characters. So how to know how many characters we have used? Now let us find out the length of the title used for the image with id 47. Here is the query

SELECT character_length(title) as no, title  FROM `photo_img`  where img_id=47
Without giving any where clause we can display length of the all the titles along with the title for the total table. Let us try to find out what are the titles using maximum space or the titles of maximum length. This will display records with maximum character in title field. This we will manage by using sql order by clause. Check this query.
SELECT character_length(title) as no, title  FROM `photo_img`  order by no desc
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