ucase & lcase string functions

We can change a lower case data ( string ) in out mysql table to upper case by using ucase function. Same way we can change upper case characters to lower case by using lcase function. Here is the syntax
select ucase('this is a string')
The output will be THIS IS A STRING
Same way we can use lcase string function to change upper case characters to lower case by using lcase function
select lcase('This is a String')
The output is this is a string

In our newsletter subscribers table we can convert or display all the emails in lower case letters. While subscribing visitors may enter their email address in Upper case letters. We can use lcase to change all email address to lower case characters .
select lcase(email) from subscribe
The above command will display only. We can use update command to change the records. Same way we can change to upper case also.
select ucase(email) from subscribe


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