substring function

Collecting rest of the string from 4th posting ( from left )
SELECT substring('',4); // Output is
Last 4 chars ( from right end)
SELECT substring('',-4); // Output is is .com

With optional parameter length

Let us add number of chars we will get by adding length

Starting from 3rd position 5 chars to be collected
SELECT substring('',3,5); // Oputput us2ne
Starting from end, from 6th position 2 ( length) chars to be collected
select substring('',-6,2); // Output is et

Using FROM to get part of string

Rest of the string from a position
SELECT SUBSTRING('' FROM 3)  // Ouptut is
From right ( end ) starting from 7 position return 3 chars (length)
SELECT SUBSTRING('' FROM -7 FOR 3) // Output is net

Removing Last one char

select substring('',1,char_length('')-1)
Use this code in our student table.
SELECT id,substring(class,1,char_length(class)-1) as class FROM student

Substring and substring_index

Substring returns part of string by taking position ( number ) as input. If the position is not known and to use a specific delimiter for searching, then substring_index function can be used.

How substring is used to collect domain part of Email address


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