Reversing string function of MySQL

We can reverse a string by using reverse command in mysql. This function takes one input string and reverses it. Here is an simple example.
SELECT REVERSE('abcdef gh i')
The output
i hg fedcba
Now let us apply this reverse command to our student table like this.
select reverse(name) from student
It will display all the names by reversing the names. We can update the names like this
update student set name = reverse(name)
It will update all the records of student table by reversing it. If you want to get back all your names then run the command once again.

PHP Script

MySQLi database connection string

require "config.php";// Database connection

$query="SELECT REVERSE(name) FROM `student` ";
if ($result_set = $connection->query($query)) {
while($row = $result_set->fetch_array(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
echo $row['REVERSE(name)']."<br>";
Output ( 5 records shown only )
niuR xaM
boR nhoJ yM
yrQ seT


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