char_length function in MySQL query

We can get length of the characters present in a string by using char_lenght() function. Syntax
The output is 12
We will apply this to our student table
Let us find out the length of name present in our student table.
SELECT id, name, char_length(name) as LN FROM `student`
We will get a list of id , name and length like this
id name LN
1John Deo8
2 Max Ruin 8
3 Arnold 6
We have seen how to use char_length in SELECT queries. Now let us use them inside WHERE Query

Using char_length with WHERE

Now let us try to find some blank data in a numeric field ( mark )
SELECT id, name FROM `student` WHERE char_length(mark) <=1
We can combine two columns by using CONCAT() function and then find out the length of the total string.
SELECT id,CONCAT(name,'-',class) as Name , 
 CHAR_LENGTH(CONCAT(name,'-',class) ) as LN FROM `student`
Few rows are shown here.
1John Deo-Four13
2Max Ruin-Three14
34Gain Toe-Seven14
35Rows Noump-Six14

SQL String References SQL to get length of string substring_index to get part of string using delimiter

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