Pandas Date and time


Current Date and time
import pandas as pd 
Any Date and time
Using any date and time
import pandas as pd 
tm=pd.to_datetime('2020-12-29 18:15:05')
# Use day,month, year, hour , second , dayofweek, day_name()
import pandas as pd 
  'dt_start':['2020-12-28 18:15:05', '2021-01-31 23:15:45',
   '2021-02-14 04:15:37', '2021-05-17 09:15:26','2022-06-20 13:45:54']
my_data = pd.DataFrame(data=my_dict)
my_data['dt_start'] = pd.to_datetime(my_data['dt_start'])

Managing Date
to_datetime()Converting to Datetime
to_timedelta()Convert argument to timedelta for calculation
date_range()Generating range of Date and time
period_range()Generating fixed frequency Datetime index
strftime()Generating Date and time using format
timedelta64()Date and time calculations using different Units
Timestamp()Using Timestamp from Date and time inputs
Exercise datetime 3-1 Exercise datetime 3-2 Exercise datetime 3-3

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