SQL MOD Command

Mod is a math function of MySQL which returns the reminder after a division. We will try to use this function in our query to get different results. Here are some examples.

select mod(100,20) // output is 0
select mod(52,25) //Output is 2
select 24%7 //Output is 3

We can use mod function in our student table
Getting all the records for which id number is even

SELECT * FROM `student` WHERE mod(id,2)=0

Another way we can also write

SELECT * FROM `student` WHERE id%2=0

How many even id numbers are there in our student table

SELECT count(id) as no, name,id FROM `student` group by mod(id,2)

Updating all the records with even number of student id by using concat function

update student set address = concat(name,'_address') where mod(id,2)=0

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