Getting the domain and Userid part from an email address

We can separate domain part and Userid part of an email address in many ways. One of the easiest ways is to use split command to break the email address in two parts. As we know every email address will have one @ within it so we will break the string storing the email address using this @. The output of split command will give us an array with two elements. The first part is the userid and second part is domain part. Here is the code to get domain and userid part from a email address.
echo $ar[0];
echo "<br>";
echo $ar[1];
If we have more than one email address in a string then we have to break the string first to get all the email address first. For example if we have one CSV file storing all the email address then first we have to break the file to get individual email address and then again use the split command to get the domain and userid part from the address. Here is the code.
$em=",,,"; $ar=split(",",$em); while (list ($key, $val) = each ($ar)) { $ar2=split("@",$val); echo $ar2[0]; echo "<br>"; echo $ar2[1]; echo "<br><br>"; }
Read how to use explode to get userid and domain part from an email address.
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    PHP String Functions


    It really helped me to solve my problem.
    Anjana Silva


    wow! this code works perfectly! thanks!


    I suggest trying explode() or preg_split() instead because split() was deprecated with PHP 5.3 (2009-06-30).

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