strrev(): PHP String Reverse

echo strrev('plus2net'); //ten2sulp
echo strrev($input_string);
$input_string: Input string to be reversed
Output is the string after reversing input string.

The original ( input string ) remains same.

We can reverse any string by applying strrev() function.
Here is the code
$st="This is a test";
echo "The string = ".$st."<br>";
echo "The new string after applying the strrev function = ".$st."<br>";

Printing the string in reverse without using strrev() function.

Here is the code.
$st="Hello world";
//echo $st[4];
echo $st[$i];
Output is here
dlrow olleH
This function support utf-8 encoding and does not work with unicode strings.


A string is palindrome if reverse of the string is same as main string.
Check the string or number is Palindrome or not in PHP
STRING REFERENCE strlen(): Length of the string
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