strlen(): PHP String length

echo strlen(''); // Ouptut is 12
Output is the length of the string in number of bytes.
This function is required for form input validation. We can check if any input field is entered blank.

PHP function strlen returns number of bytes inside the string including blank space. If you want blank space to be removed then you can apply string replace function str_replace to the string before applying strlen.
$string="This is my string";
echo "Length of the string = ".strlen($string);
The output of above code is 17

Length of the string after removing blank spaces

We will use str_replace function to search and replace all occurrences of blank space.
$string="This is my string";
$string=str_replace(" ","",$string);
echo "Length of the string = ".strlen($string);
The output of above code is 14

Maximum and minimum length of string

While checking the Userid of signup script we can use this to find out the length of the string. Here our string should be of minimum 6 and maximum 15 character length.

$string="abcdababcdababcs"; // Add or remove string chars to check output
if(strlen($string) >=6 and strlen($string) <=15)
{ echo "<br><br> length is wihtin 6 and 15 "; }
else { echo "<br><br> Not required length ";}

Null variable and strlen()


echo strlen($my_var1); // Ouptut is 0
echo strlen($my_var2); // Output is 0
Checking null variable by using strlen() may not give desire result.

strlen() returns number of bytes rather than number of characters.
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    PHP String Functions
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    what are the php codes of counting different letters from 2 words that given by the users and each word will be equal to the number of letters that are different to the other words. for example: cat=1 bratt=2 since in the word cat,there is no letter c in the other word so it equals to 1, then in the second word, there is no letter b and r in the first word so it equals to 2,tnx,,i need ur ideas.


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