LOG(): The logarithm of a number to base

echo LOG(2);// Output is 0.69314718055995
echo "<br>";
echo LOG(-1);// Output is NAN
echo "<br>";
echo LOG(0);// Output is -INF
echo "<br>";
echo LOG(5.7);// Output is 1.7404661748405
X is the input number with Base Y (optional) . We get output as LOG of X

LOG() with Base

echo LOG(5,2);// Output is 2.3219280948874
echo "<br>";
echo LOG(5,10);// Output is 0.69897000433602 
echo "<br>";
echo LOG(5,2.7183);// Output is 1.609427153552
'e' is the base of the natural system of logarithms it's value is approximately 2.718282.


Math Functions LOG10() function LOG1P() function
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