PHP number formatting for decimal and thousand places

PHP has powerfull math functions. Formatting a number is required while displaying or preparing for some other processing. One common requirement is displaying values after a division with fractions. One way is to round off the number or we can format the number with specifying whether to display the digits with decimal or without decimal or number of digits to display after the decimal. We can place comma ( ,) after a group of thousands. We can use other symbols in place of comma (,) for thousands and we also can replace (.) dot with symbol of our choice to be used as decimal. Using PHP number_format function we can do all these formatting. Here are some examples for number formatting.

echo "Number = $number ";

echo " The value after formating = ".number_format($number);
// The above line will display 2,512,590 ( without decimal and rounded)

echo "<br> The value after formating = ".number_format($number,3);
// Will display 2,512,589.668 ( with , after each thousand and 3 digits after decimal
// rounded )

echo "<br> The value after formating = ".number_format($number,3,"#",":");
// Will display 2:512:589#668 ( with : after each thousand and # as decimal symbol )
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